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Our resources are set up with care and attention, encouraging children to settle, to play and to engage longer, thus preventing them from flitting from one activity to another.  Most young children benefit from having a kinesthetic environment to learn in - one where touching, feeling and experiencing is fully allowed and embraced.

Kindergarten & Pre-School Units

Kindergarten (1) Kindergarten (3) Pre-School (1)

By using authentic ‘open-ended’ resources, such as wooden toys, various wooden items, baskets, crates and other interesting items that you would find in your home we capture children's innate curiosity and their naturally enquiring minds.

In today’s digital world, where access to electronic devices is readily available and used daily, we believe it is important to provide a balance by offering a rich environment that encourages a child's natural sense of wonder and desire to play and engage with a variety of exciting resources.

Kindergarten Unit

Kindergarten Unit

Pre-school Unit