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Outstanding Ofsted Report

Summary of key findings for parents


This provision is outstanding


The leadership and management of the nursery are forward thinking. The managers are inspirational, reflective and knowledgeable. They are proud to show the improvements that they have implemented and to share their vision for the future.


The key-person system is well established and effective and key persons know their children exceptionally well. This ensures that children are emotionally secure and are able to develop positive relationships with adults and their peers.


Assessment of children's development is wholly effective. Staff use a tracking system to identify if there are any gaps in either individual or groups of children's learning. This enables them to plan activities to move children forward. Observations and assessments are recorded on an electronic system, which parents are encouraged to comment on.


The quality of teaching is inspirational. Staff are highly qualified and regularly attend training to further extend their knowledge. The high standard of qualifications and the calibre and suitability of the staff has an extremely positive impact on the quality of learning for the children.


Recruitment procedures are robust and have recently been further tightened as managers have attended safer recruitment training.


Children's curiosity is fostered as they are able to access an abundance of exciting and stimulating resources and activities to enrich their learning experiences. As a result, they are eager to learn and are highly motivated.

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