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"I am writing in support of 'The Hollies' and the exceptional team of staff who love and cherish the children in their care.


The staff really are a team whose care, respect, nurturing and education of our children is exemplary.  The teams strength lies in no small part to the balance and mix within each unit of very experienced senior mentors and the highly motivated but less experienced junior staff.  This mentorship, whether formal or informal works well to develop and continuously promote the ethos of The Hollies.


The nursery staff do not however work in isolation.  The active involvement of parents is strongly encouraged and the Hollies management are demonstrably keen to help a free-flowing channel of communication in all directions.  Thus the Hollies Nursery functions as a dynamic square of children, nursery staff, management and parents - all contributing to the continued access and deservedly excellent reputation of the first class nursery.


In combined time of almost six years, on not a single occasion has either child not wanted to attend or been reluctant to be left - an indication in itself not only of good staff strategies but also of the fantastic atmosphere and excellent care provided at The Hollies."



"I would like to thank you and your great team of girls for the help and support you have given Jade and myself over the last 3 and a half years that Jade attended your nursery on a full time basis.


Jade has just started school and went into her class on her first day without a backward glance. This was a great relief to me and no surprise.


Could you thank all the girls that have looked after Jade and encouraged her to be the beautiful, confident, happy and friendly little girl she is today.


As a single mother, having to work full time and leaving Jade everyday has been a wrench but the care and consistency that The Hollies has shown Jade has been invaluable.


Thank you again


Ms E.P"

"We have been with The Hollies for 2 ½ years and both our children have enjoyed their time there. The nursery is well run and is warm and friendly. Our younger daughter is 2 years old and is in the toddler section of the nursery.


The staff in this section always greet children with a warm welcome. They are professional in every way. We have been pleased with the level of knowledge they have shown about our daughter. This is clear in the stimulation they offer her and the progress she has made in the time she has been there. They are always full of enthusiasm and seem to love their role of carers and educators.


We have felt safe in the knowledge that they are looking after our children with the same level of attention as we do. There is a good mix in the level of experience in the staff that are in the toddler unit. Also there is consistency in the carers who are looking after the children. We really like the fact there is one person who is overall in charge of a small group of children as we are able to address our issues to her. The staff have always addressed our concerns in an appropriate manner and with speed.


We are overall very happy with the care and attention our children have received from the staff. Knowing that our children are not only happy but are also being stimulated and are growing as a result of going to the nursery is hugely comforting.


Mrs J"

"It is always a difficult decision to return to work following the birth of a child and you worry that your baby will not get the quality of care that they would get at home. Having had children attend The Hollies since April 1999, we have been delighted by the service offered by your nursery. From the minute the children enter nursery in the morning they are met with warm greetings and cuddles. We feel that our children's development has been greatly enriched by their time there.


My daughter Ciara left the nursery last year with very happy memories of first friends and staff (She is always keen to collect her brother so she can see Hannah!). She left nursery a very happy, independent and confident child who is more than ready for life at school and much of this is down to the care she received at nursery. Her first report from school stated that she had exceptional personal and social skills. We would like to take credit for this, but know that this is down to her very positive first relationships with nursery staff and friends.


Our son Joseph is a ball of energy and an excellent escape artist! The staff at The Hollies have been skilful at keeping him safe, stimulated and very happy and he is more than pleased to wave us off to work every morning. He has always been handled with a great deal of humour and affection and like all children who attend your nursery; he is dealt with as an individual.


Mr and Mrs F"

"We cannot praise the staff enough for their endless enthusiasm, dedication commitment, determination, and affection they have shown to our son and us as his parents.


... The care that The Hollies has provided to our son over the last four years has always been tailored to his individual needs. However, we believe The Hollies is different to other nurseries in terms of the personal touch.  


Finally, as both Donna and I work with children, we know how stressful, challenging, tiring but most importantly how rewarding it can be. We believe that working with children is a privilege, and we sincerely believe that our son has been privileged to have attended The Hollies.


Please could you thank your staff for us on our behalf.


Mr and Mrs E"

"The staff at the Hollies have always kept us informed of our son's  progress each day we have gone to pick him up, making sure that he, as I am also sure all the other children attending have nothing but the best attention and care whilst they attend. They have also been very enthusiastic and willing to share our child's day with us at every opportunity - the good and the not so good moments!!!


... The Hollies team have also listened attentively to parental needs, concerns and ideas, trying to make them an integral part of the development of their child whilst in their care. As a parent, I feel that this has been an important aspect and strength of the Hollies.


Personally as a parent I feel very lucky to have a dedicated and caring team of people looking after my child and when he goes to school next year I will miss them and the love and happiness they have helped develop in collaboration with us and our son. I feel that their education, patience, commitment, hard work and professionalism to childcare development deserves not only national recognition but congratulations.


Thank you Hollies for all your help.


Mr and Mrs M.W"